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What is Price Action?,So when I say I know my stuff, I truly do.

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Instead, it moves on to create new smaller value areas below the first value area. When a new value area forms below a well-defined initial value area, the lower limit of the first value area acts as a price resistance level.

When a new value area forms above a well-defined initial value area, the upper limit of the first value area acts as a price support level. Volume in financial markets reflects the actions being taken by buyers and sellers. Remember that price moves based on the activities of buyers and sellers. In the price action trading forex chart below, the price histogram on the right show volume for the EURUSD. In it, you can see volumes at different price levels.

Volume can be used as an addon price action trading indicator. Tall bars on the histogram signify increased trading volume. The shorter bars represent reduced trading volume at that particular price. Trade volumes and the price action trading strategy indeed, do make an excellent combination. An increase in trade volume with an accompanying price hike indicates that buyers are controlling the market.

Volume data gives you a useful edge to your price action strategy when used as a confirmation. Here are some of the ways volume can be used to confirm price action. An uptrend may be confirmed by increasing volume while the price is moving up or decrease volume with declining prices.

A downtrend may be confirmed by increasing volume while the price is also falling or decreasing volume with rising prices. The forex market is decentralized, intrinsically volume data varies across different broker platforms. Nevertheless, volume data can be a useful tool in finetuning your price action Algo-trading strategies.

Institutional players such as banks, companies, and hedge funds have the most significant impact on trade volume and, consequently, price action. Institutional money generally moves on low volume days. Retail traders almost always tend to react to institutional money movement as they try to ride the volatility.

Read: How much money can you make trading Forex. Volume alone cannot differentiate between bull and bear markets. Notice how excess prices stick out of the perceived price value area. However, it spends only very little time outside the value area before coming back. These excess price areas represent buyers and sellers who are entering the market and considering these price zones as advantageous to them. Nevertheless, these prices are rejected swiftly, and the price returns to what is perceived as fair value at the time.

Because of how they appear on the charts, these excess prices are also known as spikes or tails. Spikes or tails indicate greater rejection of a price area.

They can develop either above or below value. Spikes often form support or resistance areas for future prices; hence identifying spikes and tails will come in handy when formulating your price action trading methods and strategies.

So far, we have seen that financial markets often give value to particular price areas—the fair value area. Financial asset prices will oscillate in the one price area. That level is the control price. Think of the control price as a hinge from which prices swing high and low across a time interval.

Read: Swing Trading Strategies Hence, control price is, in actual sense, a derivative pivot point. We will now try to identify the price where traders spent the most amount of time. Trading seems mostly oscillating up and down the red line. The price at the red line is the control price.

The control price is rejected for a while, and the price rises to small values above or below it. With time, trading gravitates towards the control price level, and the prices come back to the control price level. This makes the control price level a pivotal support or resistance level when using the best price action trading strategy. Simply identify a value area and then look for one price level where trading has interacted with the most.

Trust me on this. When you learn how to read the chart using the combination of everything above — my proprietary way — you will never see charts the same way again.

And again I emphasize, you can use it on any vehicle. The next time someone shows you a chart, you can start talking about it like a pro. Because… you are. This will involve using nothing but the best strategies that I have broken down for you below in the exact steps, criteria and requirements for it to be a good trade.

This way, you have a very systematic set of rules of entry and exits. Leaving nothing to emotion. I start this off by breaking down the charts into different scenarios and price movements.

In essence, how the market moves. Through it, we then zoom in on the best location to buy or sell or hold. By understanding this section, you will now know whether or not that location is good for an entry and, if yes, whether it is time to buy or to sell.

With this broader picture point of view, you now know that location comes first where you follow up on it by applying the right strategy at that location coupled with chart reading. As you can see, the way we trade is very different. It comes in from my experience of building and growing businesses, where you first look at the big picture and then execute the smaller picture and details. Our first strategy category is Buying at the Lows retracement.

In this category, I have laid out three different ways of entering three different locations. We start off with the Elliott wave, where we enter on the move of the market, identify when the market is moving and likely to trend further, and execute it at the optimal low spot for maximum rewards. That is followed by one of my favorite strategies — breakout within breakout. With our set of criteria and our way of analyzing the chart and completing it by proper execution, this strategy will enable you to enter before others enter.

I love it! Next up in this category is a retracement method that I call first time back. A strategic position primed for everyday usage. When coupled with our criteria, it becomes a nice daily salary. The second strategy category is Buying at the Highs breakouts. Many traders know breakouts, but the difference here is our criteria.

How do we qualify it as a good breakout and a high probability one? How do we enter our trade? How do we avoid false breakout? Where do we place our stop loss? What about our exit target? And so much more. Breakouts are without a doubt one of the most powerful strategies that make traders lots of money — when done right that is.

How exactly do you do it right? This is through my 20 years of findings, analyzing, testing and lots of burnt accounts. And in this category, there are three main different methods and locations of entry. This is powerful stuff that forms the foundation of our trading. When you learn the methods and the steps, everything becomes clear for you, leaving nothing to guesswork or gut feeling.

The third strategy category is Reversals. You are getting in at the best possible entry to reap the highest possible return the market can give. Too often we hear stories of traders trying the catch the low only for it to go lower. And then they try to catch the next low, only for it to make a lower low. So right here, we break things down into my set of criteria of catching reversals at optimal spots with easily recognizable setups such as double top and head and shoulders.

But with a twist…. We know those patterns are powerful on their own. When is it good, when is it not? How to avoid false entry. And executing it to get the full returns that the move can give. Everyone can teach you the patterns above. The pattern alone will not make you profitable.

If it does, the whole world would be rich. The fourth strategy category is Advance Price Action Patterns and Setups. By now, you should know that price action is powerful. Because it is the market that moves first and the indicator will then derive the information from the market price action movements and create its signal. And a lot of the reading of volume and strength of the market can be done via price action. Here, we move on to the combination of price action bars and patterns.

This is advanced stuff that really takes your chart reading and trade execution skill to the next level. There are certain price action patterns that are so powerful that, when you spot them, the win rate and the effect of such setups are phenomenal. This module here will take your game to the next level, enabling you to find great entries all the time through the box strategy, trend continuation methods and more besides.

If you want to be a full-time trader and like entering on many good trades, this is the module for you. The fifth strategy category is my favorite money maker — Top Down Approach.

I created and honed this method to perfection. This is my stable big money maker. So there you have it. I have laid out 16 of my top strategies. So anytime and anywhere the market moves, you will have a strategy to enter.

When added together with my list of criteria and methods of entries, stop loss and exits, you will be a formidable professional trader. Of course, if you have the determination and drive to do that, I truly applaud you for that.

All you have to do is to just master one. Just one. Once you have mastered one strategy, it will feed you for life. Then go on to add another, then another. Ask anyone on the street if they have only mastered one strategy that makes them money. Is it good enough for them?

I think it is. This is where I change your entire frame of thinking and trading. Here I share my story of how I lost it all, figured this new way of trading and changed my perspective from then on.

This is the Road to Millions Formula. This is the method that took me from ground zero, from scratch and grew my account size again to way bigger than it was before and faster. If I can attribute my success to a single thing. It is this. The Road to Millions Formula. This is gold. A lot of traders find it tough to figure out whether or not should they hold on to a trade — when should they just enter a trade, set the entry, stop loss and profit target and forget it.

When should they actively manage the trade? And how do you properly manage the trade? These are the key to successful traders.

We have a way of doing it and yet, at the same time, have a life. The trade management methods here give you the different options and perspectives for you to use and to choose the right one for yourself.

This is it. You can use all these techniques in combination or you can use the one that fits your life, your schedule and your personality — whether you are a more conservative or aggressive trader or somewhere in the middle. This section here can turn an existing trader from being non-profitable to becoming very profitable — even without learning and implementing the strategies above.

I also talk about fundamental analysis. I also talk about spreads and how do you properly incorporate them into trading.

This stuff is powerful. REALLY powerful. Regardless of what methods or strategies that you may already be using or trading with, just add in this advance trigger. And you will see your win rate increase. You will know when to trade and when not to trade with CERTAINTY.

All because the advance trigger told you so…. This advance trigger method alone has been the final filter for all my 6-figure trades and has made me and my students millions of dollars. This is the real deal. You will thank me for it. Not gut feeling, not instinct, but a proper point calculation system so that you know with certainty whether or not the trading setup that you are looking at is up to the mark.

This point calculation system is formulated by me and is something that really helps you to filter out a grade-B trade from a grade-A trade. Because as traders, we only want to take the best of the best trades. If every trade you take meets the point calculation system method, you will know with certainty that you will be profitable at the end of a trading set.

And because of such a disciplined point calculation approach, you are taking the best kind of trades. My philosophy of trading is that I tune my trading to my lifestyle and not my lifestyle to my trading. Having said that, the entire system works for all kinds of trader. But if you like to make money and yet still have a life, this module is where I show you in exact detail the things that I do; the tools that I use which are free , to make trading as effective as possible. Nowadays, I spend just around 30 minutes to 1 hour a day to trade.

So if you ask me, is trading a full-time job for me? But is it making a full-time income? Then yes it definitely is and more. This segment is for retail traders who want to make a full-time income trading from home. If you are a trader working in a bank or a fund management company, you can simply skip this segment. How exactly do I systemize trading? What are the things that I do, the notes that I take… essentially the back-end things that a professional would do.

These are the golden nuggets that few professionals will tell you. Follow the Trades Blueprint map and you will achieve your quest. Because I have laid it out with mathematical probability, the exact plan for you to win BIG in this game.

As I mentioned, I look at trading from a business perspective. This is where I incorporate the business part into trading.

Trading in the live market can be messy and wild at times. But with this blueprint, it will keep you going in the right direction; you know exactly what trades to take and whether will you be profitable or not at every single stage.

If you have been trading, you will know that there will be times where you do not know if you will be profitable at the end of the set or at the end of the month. With my proprietary trading plan, you now have certainty: the certainty of knowing what stage you are at currently and what are the trades to take.

Whether or not you are going in the right direction so that you can make amendments along the way if needed. This Trades Blueprint has truly been a life-changer to me.

And I know it will do the same for you. Now if you have heard people saying that psychology has a strong importance in trading. For example, when I first started trading, I was really aggressive. But I not saying you should be entirely conservative either.

Therefore, in this segment, I talk about the different ways to go about managing our trading psychology; you are going to find this segment — FUN! Nothing is better than watching your mentor trade with the methods taught — LIVE.

This will show you how to be a profitable trader by entering trades that follow the Trades Blueprint. Through this 1 full year of live trading, you will SEE trading with a very clear point of view. You will know exactly what to do on your own if you are a new trader.

And of course, if you are an experienced trader, this segment will really show you how to make your business not just profitable but very profitable. This entire 1 full year of live trading is where I put all the 16 Top Strategies and chart reading skills into action.

In this ENTIRE year of trading. You can see ALL the different scenarios that appear throughout the year and how we trade and react to them accordingly. Throughout this entire year of trading, you can see exactly what and how we trade in all the actual scenarios throughout the year. Knowing the stuff that you learn are things that actually work in the market and not just theory. You are really going to learn a tremendous amount from this segment. And from here, you will know exactly what to do next and how to trade with certainty in the live charts as you go forward.

Tracking is an essential part, whether is it in business or trading , you need to track. In business, you need, for example, to know exactly that if the money you are spending on your marketing is truly effective. Is it making you money? What is the conversion rate? How much exactly are you making for every dollar you put in? If you are not tracking trade after trade, set after set, you could continually be making the same mistakes over and over again even without realizing it.

Right here, you will learn everything you need to do to make yourself a better trader. Because by simply understanding your mistakes and not repeating them again, you could easily increase your win rate just by doing this. And over here, we go into detail on the exact steps on the things that we track. You now have everything you need to become a professional trader, a lifestyle trader, a trader who truly knows and is fully equipped to make money, not just money but BIG money in this game.

That trading is to make BIG money. This program is my blood, sweat and tears. I worked my way like all of us, putting in the money from my part-time job in my early days, grinding and compounding to reach the stage of financial freedom. In this final segment, I will give you the plan forward. The exact steps you need to do to make trading a rewarding and profitable journey.

This is the roadmap laid out for you. All you need to do is to follow it. You now have the techniques, the steps and the plan to win this game. If I had had all this when I started trading, it would have shaved years off my time figuring the game out.

This program is what I truly hope will change your life for the better. But with perseverance, you will get used to it. Then you will be proficient. And soon you will come to a stage where it becomes a part of you.

With enough commitment and determination, you will reach the proficient stage in no time. If you ask me how long it takes for a new trader to become proficient I can tell you this. It depends on your commitment and determination. If you are willing to put in the time and the effort, you should get proficient in 3 to 6 months.

This is not a race. This is a journey. A skillset that once you master, it will feed you for life. Even if it takes 1 to 2 years. Is it worth it? You betcha. You now have everything you need here. I have put tremendous effort into the creation of this program. This way, you can not only learn the concept, but also see how it works in the live charts followed by actual practice to make sure you can understand and implement them.

As you can see, this is not an ordinary program where you will learn some nuggets here and you have to pay more to join another program where they teach further stuff. The One Core Program is everything you need and more. This is a money-making skill that they can master and pass on to their future generations. The tremendous reviews and testimonials that my students has given describe it best. The panel of speakers at Traders Fair click on image to enlarge.

AFM Proprietary ONE CORE PROGRAM The 1 Program for Professional Trading. If you continue to read this open letter to anyone who wants to achieve financial freedom, either: 1. You will leave today with the confidence to take action. Straits Times Interviews Ezekiel Chew:. Straits Times Premium Newspaper Image Part 1 Newspaper Image Part 2. I am what they say — the mentor behind the gurus out there.

Moreover, a lot of my students are now good friends of mine. When I teach, the results my students achieve are phenomenal, and I am very proud of them.

Forex Morning Trade is a simple but highly effective forex trading system that Mark Fric, a full-time trader, uses every day to trade the markets. I don't buy many forex courses or systems, but this one caught my eye because it places a single trade shortly before the London market opens in order to capture the opening price moves , which I've always found to be one of the most profitable times of the day to trade currencies.

It basically requires you to switch on your computer at or just before If they are in agreement, which is most of the time, then you simply open a long position or a short position at the start of the So when you place your trade, you can enter your 40 point target price and stop loss, and then switch off your computer for the rest of the day and do something else. I only purchased this course yesterday but I've been doing a lot of backtesting and it seems to generate far more winners than losers.

Profits from this year are particularly impressive with a profit being made every month of between 80 and pips. What I really like about the Forex Morning Trade system is that Mark actually trades this system himself and records his trades each day in a trading journal. You can access this journal when you purchase the course and you can also access a forum thread where fellow traders discuss the system in great detail.

This is the most valuable part of the course for me because several traders who have purchased the system have been working hard to increase the profitability of the trading system even further. At the time of writing there is an interesting post on there from a fellow trader who has done extensive backtesting going back a few years and found that a target price of 27 pips rather than 40 produces even more impressive results. So overall I think the Forex Morning Trade system could be a very successful and profitable trading system, and it's certainly one that I shall be adding to my armoury.

Here's the link if you want to find out more:. forex trading strategies. In the last few weeks this pair has been trading in a very narrow range and it is becoming obvious to me that we are very likely to see a significant breakout in the near future. With the price at around 1. The reason I say that is because on both the 4 hour and daily charts the 5, 20, 50 and period EMAs are all tightly grouped together.

This doesn't happen very often but when it does, it usually means we are about to see a big move, particularly when you get tightly grouped EMAs on two very significant time frames, ie the 4 hour and daily chart. My bias is currently towards the downside because the Supertrend indicator is currently red on the daily chart but the MACD and Smoothed Repulse indicators look like they may be about to turn upwards on the daily chart, so it's hard to be confident.

Anyway you don't need to guess which way the markets are going to move. You simply need to wait for the price to make it's move and break the current sideways trend, because once it does I think there will be a lot of pips to be had. You could simply trade these crossovers all day long but it probably wouldn't be profitable to do so because you get a lot of false crossovers, particularly when the market is in a sideways trend.

Instead, as with so many indicators, you are much better off trading divergence patterns. This is simply where the price make new lows or appears to be bottoming out but the indicator in question fails to make new lows, or vice versa if the market is making new highs. What this basically tells you is that the trend is starting to run out of momentum. So when this divergence pattern emerges, you can think about taking a position either straight away or when the indicator subsequently crosses through the 0 level.

In this instance the price fell to the S1 level at the start of the day, but after testing this level for a second time the price bounced upwards from this support level and there was a clear divergence pattern on the Price Oscillator indicator. You can also see that there was a nice divergence pattern and an upwards crossover on the MACD indicator as well, plus a change in trend as indicated by the Supertrend indicator, so this would have been a nice high probability trade.

Posted by Ezekiel at AM No comments: Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest Labels: Indicator , Oscillator , Price , Technical Thursday, July 15, Weekly Trading Update - May Well it's been a very dramatic week with a new government being formed here in the UK - one that no-one really wanted. Oh well never mind. Back to the markets and there have been loads of trading opportunities this week.

I opened five trades in total. This was a perfect trade in many ways. The price had bounced back but the Supertrend indicator was still red on the daily chart and there's still an awful lot of negative sentiment surrounding the Euro. So when the EMAs crossed downwards on the 4 hour chart on Monday evening I was more than happy to go short at 1.

I'm looking to go short now because not only is the Supertrend indicator red again on the daily chart, but I think we may get a credit downgrade in the near future. I went short at 1. I made a bit of a mess of this one because I closed half at 1. The second trade wasn't all that successful either.

This pair's been driving me nuts this week. It just will not move!! I opened two short positions after two downward EMA crossovers and ended up taking a loss of 30 points on the first one, whilst I managed to close the second one for a profit of 30 points last night out of frustration more than anything. It was also nice to ensure that I would come out even or nearly even taking the spreads into account on this pair. So overall it's been a very busy week and quite a profitable one as well.

If you would like full details of my main 4 hour trading strategy, you can access it for free when you subscribe to my newsletter. Simply fill in the short form above. us Digg Furl Reddit Ask blogmarks Google Netscape Socializer StumbleUpon Technorati Windows Live Yahoo! This will be my last post for a while as I'm heading off to Prague in a few days time for a week's break providing the volcanic ash has cleared away by then.

Anyway I thought I would write about the average trading day and discuss each period of the day, including which times of the day are the best times to trade in my experience.

All of the times below are UK time, ie GMT or BST at the moment , so you may want to use a website such as this one to convert these times into your local time if you're not based in the UK. With such low volumes, most pairs are therefore confined to very narrow trading ranges during these hours making them very difficult to trade.

Some of the pairs such as those relating to the Yen, the Aussie Dollar and the New Zealand Dollar may move on occasions, but this is generally a time to stay out of the markets. You often get strong breakouts which are fairly easy to trade if you use a few indicators such as the Supertrend changing colour , the ADX below 20 but moving higher or MACD crossovers for additional confirmation.

This is another decent time to trade but you will often find that the opportunity to trade possible breakouts has gone by now. Nevertheless there are still good trading opportunities available because the European markets are in full swing now. As lunchtime approaches the markets start to get a little bit quieter now. Plus with the US markets opening and with US economic data announcements being made very shortly which is generally most days except for Monday , traders are happy to sit on the sidelines before committing themselves to a position.

In summary, this is not a great time to be opening new positions unless you are taking a position using the longer term charts, such as the 4 hour charts, for instance. Not everyone around the world is available to trade during the opening hours of the European trading session which is the best time to trade in my opinion , but the opening hours of the US trading session is another great time to trade because volumes are very high.

You have major economic data releases that can move the markets and you also have the opening hours of the US markets overlapping with the closing hours of the London and European markets. It's not an easy time to trade because prices can fluctuate wildly and the major price moves for the day may have already occurred, but as long as you wait for all the major data releases to be released, there are still some excellent trading opportunities available across the various currency pairs.

I usually shut up shop at In general the markets are a lot quieter during these hours and are therefore not ideal for short-term traders, but you can still get decent trends and big price moves on occasions. By this time of day the volumes start to drop off even more as the US markets start to close. So again this is not a time to be employing any kind of short-term trading system. I still open a few trades using my main 4 hour system if a decent set-up presents itself during this time, but it's not ideal because you can't monitor the position overnight.

You simply have to set your limit price and stop loss and see what has happened when you wake up the following morning. So to sum up, in my opinion the best time of the day to trade forex is the start of the European trading session and the two hours from to if you want to make sure you catch some of the early opening range breakouts that occur every day on the major currency pairs. If you can't trade during this time, I suggest you concentrate on trading the first few hours of the US trading session, although this requires a lot more skill as you have the major economic releases to contend with as well as extremely high volumes, and therefore big price swings.

Many forex traders use fibonacci analysis to re-enter a trade in the same direction as the overall trend after there has been some kind of retracement. For instance if the price has been trending upwards but has recently fallen back, then many traders will look to enter a new long position after the price has fallen The key fibonacci extension levels are The most significant level is the Plotting these fibonacci extensions on your chart is relatively straight forward nowadays because most charting software come with some kind of fibonacci tool.

In an uptrend you are basically looking for a swing high followed by a retracement. Then you simply use the fibonacci tool to join the swing high to the subsequent swing low of the retracement. This should then give you the You can then exit any existing positions when one of these levels is reached, or possibly exit half your position at There is no right or wrong way to trade these levels but it's amazing how often the price reacts around these key fibonacci extensions.

You can apply these fibonacci extensions to any time frame but I think they are most useful on the shorter time frames because then you can combine them with pivot points to find SUPER-STRONG areas of support and resistance. For instance if the price has moved up to the pivot point and there is also a key As you can see from the 5 minute chart below, the price trended upwards and hit a high 0.

So by using the fibonacci tool between these two points you get fibonacci extensions of 0. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest Labels: Example , Extensions , Fibonacci , Projections , Trading Weekly Trading Update - 31 May - 04 June It's been a tough week this week with my main 4 hour trading system providing me with two losing trades out of two.

However it wasn't all bad as I had a few decent trades trading fibonacci extensions to balance things up. I've been reading a lot about fibonacci extensions in the last few months as I want to find a few more day trading strategies to use in addition to my main 4 hour strategy, and I've had some decent successes so far.

However as I've already mentioned, these profits were cancelled out by two losing trades. Anyway if you would like full details of my main 4 hour trading strategy which is normally a lot more successful , you can access it for free when you subscribe to my newsletter. Asia Forex Mentor Price Action Forex Trading Strategies www. com Greetings! My name is Ezekiel Chew, am a full time forex trader for 14 years to date. Welcome to our Price Action Forex Trading Community.

This blog are some of the forex trading discussions which i like to share with you guys. The main core of my purpose is to teach you how I trade the currency market using advanced Price Action forex trading strategies in combination with our full system.

Asia Forex Mentor deals only in Real Live forex trading charts, enabling you to learn to trade the currency market successfully along side myself, a genuine full time forex trader who has mastered the art of price action trading. In spite of what you may have heard, a reliable forex strategy can be made quite simple using Price Action.

I generously share with fellow traders, the numerous trading strategies and in depth market knowledge I have gained over the last 14 years.

I would like to ask you to enter the main website here: www.

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20/1/ · forex trading system, price action forex, forex trading strategie How and why price action is king in forex trading. Asia Forex Mentor provides you forex trading course, The main core of my purpose is to teach you how I trade the currency market using advanced Price Action forex trading strategies in combination with our full system. Asia Forex Mentor 16/6/ · Inside the AFM Proprietary One Core Program. The Asia Forex Mentor One Core Program is the heart and soul of this forex training course. It comprises 26 lessons which Is Forex Trading Allowed In Singapore? Residents in Singapore prefer to trade foreign exchange (foreign exchange). In order to accept forex and CFD trading for clients in Get Ezekiel Chew’s 5 Day Email Course on “How to be in the Top 10% league of Forex Traders” % Free – Delivered to your inbox Subscribe to the most popular Forex Trading blog Find cheap hotels near Singapore Asia Forex Mentor Price Action Forex Trading Course Singapore from AUD 76 with real guest reviews and ratings. Book Singapore Asia Forex ... read more

Every trade we enter is based on a properly structured plan. Gambling, speculation and luck can only bring us so far. Because you are about to learn how you could solve all your financial worries. Fairmont Singapore Staycation Approved. Disclaimer: Any Advice or information on this website is General Advice Only — It does not take into account your personal circumstances, please do not trade or invest based solely on this information. Be sure to book these popular hotels in advance! It gives us the extra firepower, extra confirmation and increased probability.

Benefits of AFM 1 Video Lessons There's no doubt that audio-visual learning is the best form of learning in this day and age. Be sure you book early! The fifth strategy category is my favorite money maker — Top Down Approach. Good: - It's near the train station closer to Rochor than Little India - there are a lot of restaurants near the area - Beds are clean - our room had its own toilet and bath so no need to share with other rooms in the hostel Bad: - the room is a bit cramped with 6 bunk beds, small area to move around. There asia forex mentor price action forex trading course singapore three-star hotels in Singapore at an average price of AUD per night. My name is Ezekiel Chew, am a full time forex trader for 14 years to date. What hotels near Asia Forex Mentor Price Action Forex Trading Course Singapore offer breakfast?