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9 Top Forex News Sites That You Should Be Reading,Learn with a Trusted Educator

WebAMarkets is a leading Forex and CFD broker providing the best trading conditions in Nigeria. Check the latest Forex news that can have the most noticeable market impact. WebTheir news section is broken into two columns: traditional news outlets such as CNN, Yahoo News, CNBC on the left and trading blogs such as ZeroHedge on the right. The news WebFX Street. FXStreet is one of the absolute best forex news websites around. This site offers tons of updates and provides several unique features that any top forex news site should Web5. Forexlive. Forexlive is one of the biggest forex news sites today and produces a heavy number of articles a day. Many of their news stories are quite short, sometimes around WebA great deal less US-centric than some of the other news providers, with a good focus on the UK and excellent global news outlook. Particularly useful as a Forex news source for ... read more

A highly useful thing EARNFOREX does it link their news articles on certain currencies to previous news. This way you can get a broader picture of how well a currency is doing and prepare you for potential changes the next day if such trends continue. Other useful things include their forex tools, ebooks , and forex forum.

Action Forex is an ideal forex news site to follow for news on major and minor pairs. Traders should read their weekly outlook reports part of their Monday reading list. The weekly outlook largely focuses on technical analysis making Action Forex a great place for those who want to get both a technical and fundamental look at how the markets are moving. Another great thing about Action Forex is that many of their articles are not written by them.

Moreover, many of their articles are written by banks and brokers who publish on their platform. ForexNews is perfect for traders who want to get a wider outlook on how the market is doing, particularly those who are interested in cryptocurrency as well as forex. They also review different brokers which is very useful for beginners and those looking for a new broker. More recently, ForexNews appears to be more cryptocurrency-focused , particularly in their education section which seems to be only about cryptocurrency.

Their forex news articles are not as frequent as other sites, but they are still worth checking out. It may be the case that in the next few years they might move completely away from forex to focus largely on cryptocurrency.

Fx Empire is one of the most popular forex news sites available today. In their news section, they usually publish an article a day. However, traders will find their forecasts section the most useful. The forecast section publishes news very frequently, sometimes many articles in the space of a few hours.

It can also be filtered to give you the topics you want. Aside from insightful articles on forex trading, Fx Empire also publishes articles on commodities, indices, equities and stock exchanges. BabyPips without a doubt is one of the most well-known forex educators. Their material is known to be engaging, educational and sometimes quite funny. But aside from being one of the go-to sites to look up forex-related terms, they also produce forex articles as well. Much of what they produce is orientated towards the US dollar.

That said, they do produce weekly forecasts on Mondays and a weekly review for different currencies on Fridays. Most of the articles focus on fundamental analysis and so it would be wise for readers to check other sites for technical insights. BabyPips are also useful if you just want forex news and want to filter out other types of trading, such as cryptocurrency and stocks.

Forexlive is one of the biggest forex news sites today and produces a heavy number of articles a day. Many of their news stories are quite short, sometimes around only words, but they cover a lot of topics.

In a sense, they invite you to do your own analysis on top of what you see in the news. All they do is show you what direction to look. That said, they also have a technical analysis section which is better for technical traders where they post regularly. Again, the technical posts are quite short, but they are compact with information and charts, and they post many times a day.

com has a wide scope and covers all kinds of markets including, stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrency, on top of forex. Their articles are also broken down into sections such as economic and political.

Another highly useful thing about Investing. com is their live charts which highlight specific events that likely impacted movements as well as key candlestick patterns to look out for. com is a haven for technical analysis with a variety of technical tools and summaries to look over that can inform traders on what decisions to make. Largely, they focus on moving averages and pivot points , but they do have an entire page that summarises major pairs by different indicators.

DailyFX is one of the most well-known forex news sites you will likely come across and for good reason. They focus solely on forex trading news and have a team of excellent market analysts who report regularly. Like many of the other forex news sites on this list, DailyFX writes short and sweet articles that are always backed up with technical analysis. DailyFX is also great for trading strategies as well with a whole page on technical analysis.

Another useful thing DailyFX does is show you how bullish or bearish traders are now. In other words, what percentage of traders are buying or selling on different currency pairs. Traders can also read up on cryptocurrencies, commodities and indices as well. Forex Factory grabs the second-best spot in our list for being one of the best sites traders can go to get top rated forex trading news. They also mark news stories by how much of an impact they are expected to have as well. Either high red , medium orange or low yellow.

Forex Factory also has perhaps one of the best forex-related forums on the internet with many posts and a lot to learn from.

Another useful tool on the Forex Factory website is that they publish the trades people are making and so you can potentially copy their traders or at least see how well traders are faring against the market. com finance news website. I also appreciate that the site offers a variety of content, including articles, videos, and podcasts. com also provides technical tools and information for traders who make decisions based on technical factors.

Their primary focus remains on pivot points and moving averages, but they also have most major technical indicators to help traders ease their trading. Forexlive primarily publishes short news articles, sometimes around a hundred words, where the focus is as many topics as possible to update their readers.

Forexlive gives you a direction to see news and leaves analyzing them on you. They also have a section for technical analysis for traders that are more into it. These technical articles are also short and filled with essential stats, charts, and data. I think the Forexlive website is not as big as the previous one websites, and the news and update frequency is not high. However, it can be an interesting source for your technical analysis.

On top of it, Forexlive also caters to a crypto news section for traders interested in cryptocurrencies. BabyPips is considered renowned and a top forex news website for educating traders. They publish very engaging and educational articles, sometimes with a funny flair added to them to entertain them.

The biggest advantage, in my opinion, for the site Babpypips is the simplicity of the text articles. This website can explain very fast and easy and the most complicated financial terms and events. Along with forex terms, they publish articles as well; most of them are based on the US Dollar.

BabyPips publishes its weekly forecasts every Monday and reviews various currencies every Friday. Their articles are focused on fundamental aspects. If you are looking for technical factors, you can mix technical news published on other sites with BabyPips to have the advantage of fundamentals and technical. BabyPips also offers a forum for traders to share their views and create a community.

When discussing top places for forex news, we must mention the FX Empire. Their forex news section releases one article daily, but their forecasts section proves lucrative for traders. FX Empire publishes frequent news under this section and provides traders with filters to search their desired topics. The best thing about this forex news site is that it also releases articles on other financial instruments like equity, indexes, commodities, etc.

If you are interested in other realms of trading, such as cryptos and forex, this website is for you. It publishes articles on daily markets along with other trading products. They also provide details on brokers depending on your experience; if you are a novice or have been in this field for some time, you can get reviews accordingly.

ForexNews focuses on business news under its finance section, which works well for stock market traders. This website publishes articles less frequently, but the quality of articles makes this site a top forex news website. Though there are chances that their focus may shift totally to cryptocurrencies from forex news in the coming years.

If you are looking for currency pair news, this site is ideal for you as it covers all the major and minor currency pairs. They also have a weekly outlook report released every Monday as a part of their reading list. Action Forex stresses more on technical analysis, making itself the best place for forex news and giving a flair over technical and fundamental aspects of the market directions.

It is a must to note that they write not all the articles published on Action Forex; many are penned by renowned brokers and banks, giving it an experienced overall outlook. Action Forex is your destination if you want an in-depth forex report with technical and fundamental involvement. They also provide articles on how trading psychology affects trading strategies. If you are looking for news on specific currencies, Eearnforex is best for you.

It publishes around seven articles daily, making it a top forex news website. If you want to filter news for various currencies, you can do so and see their old articles through their archives. Earnforex publishes short articles with relevant links, stats, and quotes; they cover news of many currencies, not just significant ones.

Their morning articles generally focus on potential market changes, followed by hourly changes. In short, they release articles all day long. The best thing about this forex news site is that it interlinks its articles, making it easier for readers to look at relevant news of certain currencies and save time. In addition, it also helps traders to know the larger picture of current and historical data. Earnforex also offers other benefits like eBooks, forex trading tools, and forex forums for traders.

Finance Magnates is a website that offers online financial trading news and research in English and Russian, as well as English mobile apps for iOS and Android. The company publishes online trading news, produces industry research reports, and hosts international events focusing on the electronic trading, or Forex, industry. Overall, I found the Finance Magnates website to be very informative. The news section is updated regularly with the latest happenings in the Forex world, and the research reports are packed full of information on the latest trends and experiences in the industry.

Additionally, the international events hosted by Finance Magnates are an excellent opportunity to learn more about the Forex industry from some of the top experts in the field. As a forex trader, you must read the news and keep yourself updated if you plan to be in this field for the long term and want to make profitable trades.

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I will introduce you to some reputable websites that provide legitimate and reliable educational resources to enriched your trading skill from scratch. Forex trading is not easy. It requires a significant amount of skills and knowledge to deal with. There is a vast amount of websites available online that promise you to learn forex. But you are confused about which one you should focus on.

Some promising websites stand out from the crowd and help you develop Forex trading skills with amazingly fresh content. Many of them make you up to date about significant economic events, news, technical analysis and save you from being scammed by frauds. Check the following 15 best forex websites that deserve to get attention for learning forex trading. According to ALEXA, Forex Factory is one of the most viewed and popular websites globally, focusing on forex.

It always provides up-to-date forex news, market analysis, forex calendar, and many compulsory resources for traders. You can access hundreds of forex trading strategies for free as a visitor or as a registered user.

You can post any question in this rich forum by creating an account and getting help from professional traders. You can also get a comprehensive list of reliable brokers with their real-time spread and supportive information. Use the Forex Factory daily calendar to check the schedules and economic events worldwide and be alert on high impact news that can create unexpected massive market moves. Babypips is the most popular and recommended website for free forex education, especially for beginners.

If you have no idea about what forex is or where the best places to learn forex, this course is for you. It helps you to learn forex step by step from scratch with fun, and you certainly like it.

Besides, Babypips always publishes important news updates feature articles on technical analysis, trading psychology. They also have a commendable organized forum on various categories. A couple of free tools of Babypips like Gain and Loss Percentage Calculator, Position Size Calculator, Pip Value Calculator, help traders in Risk Management. Watchlists are collections of symbols designed to help you quickly analyze a couple of symbols as a group and compare symbols with each other.

The good news is this feature also completely free. It is undoubtedly a powerful arm to hunt profitable trade. FXStreet is one of the top leading websites in the forex trading industry. It is an excellent source of information related to trading. FXStreet is mainly a forex news website. But it also provides a range of live forex charts, real-time forex analysis, currency exchange rates, a vigorous economic calendar, good trading education, a list of regulated forex brokers, real-time spreads, and tons of updates.

I love the forex forecast poll. It is genuinely excellent. Another fantastic feature of FXStreet is it allows you to make a comparative analysis of four charts on one page. FXStreet provides enormous resources and tools to use free. You can enjoy free trading signals with limitations. Upgrade your account to unlock all amazing premium features. DailyFX is another free-to-use website that deserves to be included in that list. It is a free news and research website from UK-based brokerage IG.

DailyFX can flourish your trading skill set with a vast array of free educational materials. It is an excellent educational forex learning platform for novice to adult, beginner to expert level traders as it is designed for all.

You may be a technical trader or a fundamental trader; whatever you are, you certainly love DailyFX. It provides free financial news, technical analysis, and live market data as well. You can use live market data for in-depth chart analysis. The most valuable resources like the free trading guide and live webinars may change your ways of trade, viewpoint to the chart, and inner feelings to the market. The several useful trading tools, including pivot points, trader sentiment charts, economic and central bank calendars, can push your profitable trading career one step further.

Investopedia has a distinct position in the world of trading because of its in-depth and rich content. It gains worldwide acceptability with very high traffic of more than 20 million unique visitors and 60 million page views every month.

It is the heaven of trading-related knowledge and interactive learning. It covers not only forex but also all the financial aspects with an immaculate layout. Varieties of educational articles enrich the website continuously. Though there are many forex learning materials, on-demand video lessons, and supporting resources, it is complex to understand compared to FXStreet and Babypips.

But it is an important place to learn financial terminology and basic building block. Bloomberg is another popular website among forex traders, which helps them know what is happening in the current world.

It would help if you kept an eye on this website as it provides essential forex market news, featuring stories, market insights, analysis, and currency data. You have limited access to its article with a free account. If you pay for its digital or all-access subscription, additional benefits will be unlocked. You can enjoy Bloomberg TV live streaming, full access to quickly and accurately delivered Bloomberg news, live coverage of the markets open and close, Bloomberg videos, and everything you need to know to start and end each day.

If you are an active listener, podcasts, and audio versions of all Bloomberg. com articles help you be more concentrated and dedicated while trading. com is another best website to learn forex trading. It is a leading financial news portal in the forex industry that provides financial news, analysis, real-time technical data, tools, streaming quotes, etc. You can access its educational resources and premium features for free.

It is also a mentionable website when you are looking for free trading assistant tools like Forex Volatility and Forex Correlation Calculator. These free tools help traders to make an appropriate trading decision. TradingView is one of the most popular evergreen trading websites that have no substitute. It is a cloud-based charting and social networking platform for active traders. Traders can analyze and track the forex market with various indicators, tools, and alert features.

It is a user-friendly best website to learn forex trading, new trading concepts, analyze charts, market fluctuations, trade ideas of experienced traders, opportunity to collaborate with them with chats, asking questions on any device you have. You can access its basic charting features with a maximum of three indicators, limited alerts, and layout with a free account. You also have access to its social networking community, real-time global data, and the economic calendar.

Pro account gives you an ad-free experience with some excellent extra features. But if you are a newbie trader, the free version is enough for you. So, TradingView is a critical tool for all kinds of traders for researching, charting, and screening their favorite currency pairs.

com is another fantastic website to follow for free forex education. It has several well-organized tabs to cover the essential topics and tools on trading. Visit the website and check it out.

The more appealing fact I have noticed on this website is a robust collection of Forex Jargon. It has vast resources of categorized materials for educational purposes as well. Several trading tools, live forex charts, live market quotes, technical analysis, and economic calendars make the website necessary. ForexLive economic calendar helps the forex traders to get a better perspective on each currency pair with real-time forex live news.

Another key feature that makes the website stand out from other forex websites is social trading. It allows rocky traders to copy the trades of expert traders. It requires no or little prior knowledge about trading. It is another traders hub that offers robust forex learning materials from a reputable source.

All of the content of this website is absolutely free to all. com has three separate trading courses for absolute beginners, intermediates, and advanced traders.

Its education section also covers technical analysis, fundamental analysis, trading strategies that work, various advanced concepts that need to learn, and the technique to manage the risk. It also has a real-time economic calendar, trading platform, and webinars section to facilitate trading skills. If you have a keen interest in learning more about forex trading, you can start with Trading-Education.

Their interactive free trading courses cover all the significant areas, including technical to fundamental analysis, risk management, and trading psychology. It enables you to choose a trading style, even an asset class that best suits you, and become a skilled forex trader on a worldwide level. If you have absolutely no idea about forex and want to start from scratch, then it is a prudent decision to visit it.

This website is the best forex trading platform for beginners to learn forex for free. You can get all the answers to the questions you have. This website is capable of transforming your trading skill from beginners to intermediate levels. An elaborate discussion on different topics, tools related to forex, trading tips, strategies, forex systems, forex brokers directory makes the website remarkable. You can also be updated about the promotional offers, no deposit bonuses provided by various brokers from the website.

It educates their registered traders by communicating and sharing knowledge, expertise on various trading assets, and views on trade and answers on different relevant questions.

It covers various critical topics in their article section. It is definitely worth to be bookmark as the best website to learn forex to visit daily. If you are overwhelmed with the complexity of websites described above and eager to know about another one, which is simple to navigate, then it is for you.

I include ForexCruch as another best website to learn forex because of its simplicity and user-friendly interface.

Forex News Sites: Top 10 Forex News Sites To Trade The News Effectively,

WebForex News - the fastest breaking news, useful Forex analysis, and Forex industry news, submitted from quality Forex news sources around the world WebA great deal less US-centric than some of the other news providers, with a good focus on the UK and excellent global news outlook. Particularly useful as a Forex news source for Web5. Forexlive. Forexlive is one of the biggest forex news sites today and produces a heavy number of articles a day. Many of their news stories are quite short, sometimes around WebDailyFX is the leading portal for financial market news covering forex, commodities, and indices. Discover our charts, forecasts, analysis and more WebForex trading – Latest news Our trading news service will give you 24/7 reports from all of the biggest moves on the foreign exchanges. You’ll get real-time insights into changes in WebFX Street. FXStreet is one of the absolute best forex news websites around. This site offers tons of updates and provides several unique features that any top forex news site should ... read more

Forex Peace Army Final Thoughts. Traders should read their weekly outlook reports part of their Monday reading list. Joe Bailey October 8, MarketPulse MarketPulse. Wall Street Stocks Slip Following Rise in Producer Prices.

Though there are many forex learning materials, on-demand video lessons, and supporting resources, it is complex to understand compared to FXStreet and Babypips. Access to best news sites for forex trading Community is free for active students taking a paid for course or via a monthly subscription for those that are not. Finance Magnates is a website that offers online financial trading news and research in English and Russian, as well as English mobile apps for iOS and Android. Another key feature that makes the website stand out from other forex websites is social trading. It comes at a Open Trading Station Account.